CarbonEthics is an organization that aims to restore the climate balance through nature-based solutions with pioneers in blue carbon conservation. When you conserve with CarbonEthics, you are not only creating positive environmental change, but you are advancing social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of our local community partners.

Starting as a not-for-profit organization, we are branching to Social Enterprise to provide more climate solutions through our services: Carbon Calculation, Carbon Consulting, Carbon Sequestration, Monthly Subscription, Climate-friendly Travel, and provide transparency through our Digital Monitoring System.


At Fran7Films, we assist in the development, production, filming, and editing of digital content. Creation includes story-telling, cinematography, aerial panoramas, and video/pictures. This can be used for branding, merchandising, and advertising. Through our cinematography and story-telling abilities, we offer clients the ability to get their message out there. This could be in the form of TV production, non-profit marketing/branding, or documentary filming.

The goal of Fran7Films is to deliver documentations of unique experiences and illustrations of the relationship between humans and nature and Mother Nature in all its glory. God's creation is something our world must cherish and strive toward conserving for the betterment of future generations


Green Life Visions was created in order help firms, corporations, and people meet the evolving requirements and market pressures associated with ESG. We provide technical support, educational components, risk analysis, sustainable strategies, and transparent reporting to meet the needs of public and private firms who want to improve their environmental, social, and economic footprint. We provide environmental education and social strategies to help clients, residents, and organizations fulfill their sustainability goals through professional presentations, behavioral training, implementation of renewable systems, green marketing, and economically sustainable solutions.