What is BLUe Dream Project?

Blue Dream Project or BDP is a platform that provides ocean literacy and environmental education in the form of filmmaking, educational outreach programs, beach cleanups, environmental conservation projects, and events. BDP also provides sustainability consulting for companies, small businesses, schools, municipalities, organizations, and people.

Manatee cruising past plastic bags and other plastic littering the seagrass. Image by FRAN7FILMS

displaying the ocean and nature's beauty to inspire advocacy

Environmental literacy and ocean education

The dream behind Blue Dream Project (BDP) is to advocate for change in the way we view our connection with God's creation. Blue Dream Project displays the natural beauty of our environment and the heartbreaking impacts human carelessness has on its beauty. BDP hopes to spark a sense of responsibility for our
generation and generations to come to reverse pollution, fossil fuel burning, and the looming threat of careless coastal real-estate development.

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OUR Work

Participants: Bryce Raley & Francesca Larrain. Virginia Key Beach Cleanup. Among the pieces of plastic and debris, we found a discarded garbage bag filled with bottles and cans and a large plastic crate. All trash was recyclable and discarded in the recycling bin.

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Natural illusions

A school of mullet embodying a manatee within the emerald waters.



“let the water swarm with swarms of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky”