The TeaM and Blue Dream

Founder: Francesca larrain

Francesca is an environmental advocate and ocean lover and nature has been her outlet throughout her life. Through the power of the ocean and nature, she feels God's love and healing. Watching a dolphin's fin submerge from the surface brings her a feeling of peace and prosperity. Nature has healing properties and to fully appreciate it we must be in the present moment.

Her goal with Blue Dream Project is to create a cause to restore our relationship with nature and God. By grounding yourself and becoming one with God's creation, we can save the planet together. Blue Dream Project will bring change from different avenues to create an evolved community.

Director: Bryce Raley

Bryce studied Marine Affairs and Economics at the University of Miami. He has experience as a consultant for Green Building and sustainable real-estate development that meets the goals of ESG&R (Environmental Social Governance and Resilience). As a surfer and water man, he is passionate about the ocean and its coastal habitats and believes they must be respected.

Environmentally irresponsible coastal development, careless pollution of chemicals and trash, and industrial uses of fossil fuels and unsustainable products has led to sea level rise/warming, plastic pollution, eutrophication, and the death of many marine habitats and species. Bryce's goal with Blue Dream Project is to protect the ocean and its zones that are threatened by human development.

Founder Bryce Raley

Founder Francesca Larrain

Participants: Francesca Larrain & Bryce Raley. Virginia Key Beach Cleanup. Among the plastic and debris we found a discarded garbage bag filled with bottles and cans and a large plastic crate. All trash was recyclable and discarded in the recycling bin.


We are looking for passionate individuals who want to become a part of our platform. We have open positions on the Board Of Directors & more! Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you! Looking forward to the possibility of having you on board this journey with us.

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